Steira Air's CAM System

Steria Air’s CAM System: Your Gateway To a Healthy And Clean Environment

The CAM (Continuously Active Monitoring) system is one of the finest innovations of Steria Air that is specially designed not just to monitor the air of the space but it will also eliminate harmful particles, report and updates once every minute to the dashboard. The latest technology in the CAM system revolutionizes indoor air quality to create a health and indoor environment.

Real-Time Updates on the Dashboard

Steria Air’s CAM system allows you to access real-time updates of your environments air quality. Our actively working CAM system provides all the details on the dashboard to ensure you stay informed and empowered to make real-time decisions without hassle. With the help of a dashboard, you can get free analysis and on-time reporting of your environment whether you are at home or in the office, or anywhere outdoors, the CAM system keeps you in control and provides you with all the necessary information you need to protect the health of your visitors, staff and your environment.

24/7 Monitoring of
the Indoor Air

With Steria Air’s CAM System, you can continuously monitor your indoor air quality services every minute of every day. Our CAM system monitors your environment 24/7 to ensure you stay informed and stay healthy. The CAM system utilizes highly advanced technology and top-notch sensors that constantly evaluate the air for harmful particles, viruses, and other polluted substances that can be harmful to your health and your environment. You can breathe easier and healthier knowing that our CAM system works tirelessly to maintain a healthy and safe environment around the clock.

Continuously Searching for Harmful Particles

Steria Air’s CAM System is working around the clock, 24/7 with its advanced sensors and top-notch technology, continuously searching for harmful particles and pollutants such as pathogens, allergens, germs and viruses. Whenever the CAM system identifies a high level of pollutants, it immediately alerts you on your dashboard and enables you to take immediate action to improve your indoor air quality. Steira Air’s special patent penidng Virus Index technology that uses the power of air quality data to inform you of the survivability reate of a virus in your indoor air environment. Various factors affect air quality, including your unique habits and spaces, and it’s important to take these into consideration. With Steira Air’s CAM System, your air quality data can be transformed into actionable insights.

Actively Removing Germs and Pollutants

One of the best features of the Steria Air CAM system is that it continuously and efficiently removes harmful air borne particles and pathogens. The CAM System mimics natures very own air cleaning method. In nature, ions are created to clean the air we breath. For example, there are roughly 15,000 ions/cm3 within forest and on mountains. This is where the phrase “mountian fresh air” comes from. On the ocean there is roughly 50,000 ions/cm3 and beaches have around 5,000 ions/cm3. Those are all areas where you will always have fresh clean air. Our CAM System generates high dencity volumes of ions just like nature and continuously floods your indoor air environment with thousands of ions. These ions are continuously and actively removing all harmful pollutants form your indoor air environment. Through our dashboard you can actually see the CAM System clean the air and create a mountain fresh air indoor air environment. With our CAM System you can see the invisible and remove the invisible. The next are of How CAM System is Beneficial for Your Indoor Air Quality should be moved down a couple of spaces.

Active Monitoring

The latest technology and advance sensors actively monitors and evaluates your indoor air for pollutants that can be harmful to your health and environment.

The Virus Index

Virus Index’ is a patent pending technology that uses the power of air quality data to help you know the survivability reate of a virus in your indoor air environment.

13 Environmental Factors

Steira Air's CAM System can measure 13 different environmental factors and can be easily upgraded to 15 pereameters in the commercial unit.

Search For Pollutants

Steira Air's CAM System continuously searches for pollutants in the air to ensure your indoor air stays pollutant free.