Steira Air's Coil Monitoring and Management System

Ask yourself, can your HVAC system perform at its best when its coils are caked with dirt and debris?

Negative Effects of Dirty Coils

Decreased Airflow

Inadequate airflow can result in uneven temperature distribution, making some areas too hot or too cold.

High Humidity Levels

Dirty coils will affect the heat transfer which in turn will decrease the ability to remove humidity from the air

Increased Energy Consumption

Struggling systems consume more energy, leading to higher operational costs.

Reduced Heat Transfer

Dirty coils hinder the exchange of heat, making the HVAC system work harder.

Coil Replacement

A dirty coil can build up microbial growth deep within the coil causing problems like, Inadequate Airflow, High Pressure Drops, Low Discharege Air Temperatures and worst of all COIL REPLACEMENT.

Poor Air Quality

Dirty coils can promote mold and bacterial growth, which can compromise indoor air quality and health

Introducing Steira Air's Coil Monitoring and Management System (CMMS).

Welcome to the future of HVAC monitoring and efficiency with Steira Air’s Coil Monitoring & Management System (CMMS) . Our innovative CMMS solution is designed to revolutionize how you maintain your HVAC systems, ensuring optimal performance, energy savings, and extended equipment lifespan. In the ever-changing field of climate control and air quality, the efficiency of your HVAC systems is critical. CMMS is at the forefront of this change, providing a comprehensive set of tools and features to meet the demands of modern HVAC management.

Our Coil Monitoring & Management System

Our Continuous Monitoring & Management System is a comprehensive solution that combines state-of-the-art technology, data analytics, and proactive monitoring and management strategies to optimize the functionality of HVAC coils.


Maximize and maintain coil and energy efficiency and reduce operating cost


Minimize downtime and unexpected system failures.


Contribute to a greener environment through reduced energy consumption

Cost Savings

Extend the lifespan of your HVAC systems and decrease repair and replacement expenses

Data-Driven Insights

Make informed decisions based on real-time data and predictive analytics.

Our CMMS Gives You Alert When

High Humidity: Ensure comfort and health.

Airflow Temperatures: Maintain optimal discharge air temperatures

High Differential Pressure Drops.

High Particulate Matter: Keep the airflow steady

Key Features of CMMS


Maximum Hvac

Eliminate issues such as high differential pressure drops, low CFM, low discharge static pressures, and high humidity.
Coil Monitoring Management System Cmms

Prolonged Coil Life

The system ensures your HVAC coils consistently operate at maximum efficiency by alarming you before it’s too late.


Continuous Monitoring

Advanced sensors monitor your coils 24/7, detecting any changes in efficiency and unwanted particles like bacteria, dust, and debris.


Real-Time Data

Receive real-time data on coil health via an accessible dashboard.


Early Issue Detection

CMMS alarms if coil efficiency exceeds preset parameters, allowing timely maintenance.

Environmental Impact

The system helps save energy, reduces your carbon footprint, and ensures cleaner indoor air.

Steira Air's CMMS - Empowering Facility Complexes Ensuring Optimal HVAC Efficiency and Air Quality for Healthier Lives.

At Steira Air, we understand that the air quality within a facility is critical for the health of the occupants and the productivity of employees. Our CMMS is designed to meet the unique needs of any facility setting, ensuring your air systems operate at peak efficiency and deliver the highest air quality.

How Steira Air's CMMS Improves Healthcare

Enhanced Patient Care

Steira Air’s CMMS focuses on the core of your HVAC system – monitoring and managing the coil. By continuously overseeing the coil’s performance and promptly alerting you to any efficiency fluctuations, we indirectly contribute to enhanced patient care. A well-maintained coil ensures clean air, optimal temperature, and humidity levels, creating a conducive healing environment that promotes patient comfort and well-being

Operational Efficiency

Steira Air’s CMMS is all about ensuring operational efficiency for your HVAC system. Continuous monitoring of the coil allows for proactive maintenance. By allocating resources where they are most needed – patient care – you can optimize the operation of your hospital’s HVAC system while maintaining indoor air quality at its best.